Sunday, January 8, 2012

Spa Girl finds " Thalassotherapy" irresistible

Another visit to the enchanting Vancouver Island over Christmas reminded me just how much I love the bounty of the sea, including many thalassotherapy spa treatments.

Thalassotherapy pronounced  tha·las·so·ther·a·py means being exposed to seawater or the application of sea products--and there are many--for health and beauty.

I have written a number of blogs on the benefits of the sea, from seaweed baths to the fabulous Irish product Seavite--which affectionately found its way under my Christmas tree--check out my blog search.  
Dr's Jane & Katherine Mulrooney Seavite
With a 4,000 year old history, the ancient healing treatments of Thalassotherapy is the therapeutic use of the ocean, its climate, and marine products such as algae, seaweed, and alluvial mud. The name comes from the Greek words thalassa ("the sea") and therap ("treat").  Today, thalassotherapy is used around the world to treat  arthritis, psoriasis & eczema and is a favourite anti-aging modality.
The principle behind thalassotherapy is its ability to restore the body's natural chemical balance. Seawater and human plasma are very similar and when immersed in warm seawater the body absorbs the minerals it needs through the skin.
What You Need to Know About Thalassotherapy 
·       There are about 100 thalassotherapy spas in the world, most of them in Europe and Africa. Thalassotherapy was pioneered in France in the early 1900s, and it still has more thalassotherapy spas than any other country.

·       Modern thalassotherapy centers are located by the ocean and have complex facilities, including pools of varying depths and temperatures for various purposes. The seawater comes from a depth of 40 feet so there is no surface pollution.

·       You get a benefit from warm seawater that you don't get from swimming in cold seawater. The main component of seawater is sodium choride (salt), but it is also rich in minerals and trace elements. Immersion in warm seawater allows those minerals to pass through the skin.
 ·       If you're at a spa by the ocean, you can get thalassotherapy benefits by walking on the beach, breathing the sea air, or getting a seaside massage.
Thalassotherapy also has numerous applications in various pathological processes. Notable among these are the following:
  • For asthmatic problems.
  • For dermatological pathologies, in particular psoriasis
  • For chronic rheumatism, osteoporosis and various pathologies of the vertebral column. Also recommended for prevention of the same.
  • Peripheric circulatory pathologies.
  • All pathologies which require functional recuperation
  • Problems caused by stress, depression, insomnia and fatigue, with the additional therapeutic effects of the surroundings of the beach, the fresh air, sun, etc.
  • Prevents and combats flaccidity and cellulitis and contributes to improve tissues and prevent the ageing of the skin.

Thalassotherapy - The Power of the Sea By Alex Leviton

Short video clip about Rene Quinton and his discovery the Marine Plasma.

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