Sunday, September 6, 2009

Spa Girl loves a good Salt Glow & Wrap with a Vichy Shower

Salt glows are one of the most popular spa treatments especially in Thalassotherapy spas, in which the body is rubbed with a mixture of salt and essential oils. The salt scrub helps exfoliate leaving your skin smooth and glowing and is a great way to detox the body. There are a variety of salt glow recipes but the very best are mixtures of Dead Sea salts and essential oils which are massaged into your moistened skin. The friction from massaging the salt into the skin helps to remove impurities. Once the treatment is complete you are wrapped to warm the body and enhance detoxification. After the treatment the esthetician will rinse the salt off your body to remove the salt and any excess impurities. For a complete treat, rinse off using a Vichy shower which is also extremely relaxing. You should avoid having a salt glows if you have any sores, wounds, rashes or sunburn, and definitely do not shave before treatment or the salt will sting.

Thalassotherapy comes from the Greek word thalassa, meaning "sea”. The properties of seawater are believed to have beneficial effects. Thalassotherapy was developed in seaside towns in Brittany, France during the 19th century. Trace elements of magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, and iodide found in seawater are believed to be absorbed through the skin. The therapy is applied in various forms such as showers of warmed seawater, seaweed baths, application of marine mud or algae paste, or the inhalation of sea fog. This type of therapy is common in the Dead Sea area or coastal towns.

It is very easy to do a salt rub at home; here are a few recipes you can whip up yourself.

Lemon Salt Glow: Sea salts bring a healthy glow to dull, dry skin which may benefit as much from the antioxidant properties of lemon as the rich nutrition of almond oil.
• ½ cup sea salt
• ½ cup sweet almond oil
• ½ tsp finely grated lemon zest

Combine all ingredients and store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. Before showering, swirl ingredients together with fingertips to reintegrate then apply to body in firm scrubbing motion with hand or soft washcloth. Step into the shower and let the power of the water stream rinse off the mixture.

Basic Salt Glow:
• 2 cups fine sea salt
• 4 cups grape seed, apricot or almond oil
• 20-30 drops essential oil of choice

Place salt in a widemouthed jar and cover with grapeseed, apricot, or almond oil. Scent with essential oil. To use, dampen your entire body. Using either your hands or a loofah mit, vigorously but gently massage the salt and oil mixture into the skin. Begin at the feet and work upward in a circular motion. When you have massaged the entire body, rinse with warm water. Finish with a dry-towel rub.

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  1. Additional tip: You can use just about any oil in your salt scrub recipe. For instance you can use Olive oil will keep longer, but feels oilier or you can use Canola oil not too fancy, but it works.