Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A wonderful new photo for Spa Girls Header

Sun (check) Sand (check) Sea (check) Sunscreen and Hat (check/check)
 After a long hiatus Spa Girl is ready to post again--even on Spa Girl's own blog it's hard to follow David Suzuki (LOL).  
I hope many of you have been keeping in touch with Spa Girl on Facebook-where I post each week-well worth "liking" this page.
Kicking off Spa Girl's return is a brand new image for my header.  A wonderful photo of my stunning sister-in-law on a beach in Spain.  Pauline is the ultimate Spa Girl and definitely identifies with Spa Girl's motto--relax, rejuvenate and restore.
During my hiatus I have been dealing with post leukemia issues and while still working full time as the Executive Director of the Kamloops Art Gallery I have been much to busy.
However as a faithful Spa Girl I have tried to live my words, eating well, rejuvenating with visits to many great spas in Vancouver and the Island and here at home in Kamloops. 
I enjoyed a wonderful exotic spa experience at the Grotto Spa in Parksville on Vancouver Island which is designed to emulate a natural stone grotto.  A 2,500 square foot warm water pool infused with natural minerals and trace elements which help to detoxify the body. They offer a number of modalities and some delectable edibles.
Spent a magical afternoon at the Kingfisher Oceanside Resort and Spa in their Pacific Mist Hydropath which offers the benefits of hydrotherapy including re-mineralization, detoxification, relaxation and a setting that evokes Vancouver Island's natural seaside elements.  
I took my 80 year old God Mother (going on 60) to have her very first facial, which was a joy and my husband who is such a good sport. Alan joined me in the Pacific Mist Hydropath with its many different water treatment rooms.
Found a delightful spa in Kamloops who has one of the best practitioner I have used for pedicures for my very delicate feet. Son Mai Spa is small and well appointed and this husband and wife team have a great love story to share.
And of course I continued to work with two amazing massage therapists one RMT who comes to my home and tries to keep all those knots in check, and the other a relaxation therapists who has magical hands and can read my body and its many needs. 

I have also just booked a floatation at the Metta³ Rest Spa in Vancouver. I have not done a floatation in years and thoroughly enjoyed the homeostatic experience at the time. 
There is a whole new world of floatation tanks out there and I am excited to try them out. 
Many facilities in the 1980's were closed because of problems with hygiene, these new "pods" are remarkable and deal with this critical concern, especially for those, like me with vulnerable immune systems.
It is very nice to be posting again and look forward to sharing my thoughts on some additional spa treatments I have enjoyed, a number of products I have tried out and love and of course some amazing spa cuisine.
Keep well and if you would like to get in touch you can email Spa Girl at jlmb@shaw.ca
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