Sunday, December 5, 2010

Spa Girl checks out Spa Pure

Always interested in trying out a new spa adventure, I checked out Spa Pure, now located in four cities--Langley, Kelowna, Pitt Meadows and the newly opened location in Kamloops, British Columbia.

The brain child of two thirty-some year old sisters, Spa Pure is all about bringing the spa experience to everyone.

As they say...

Spa Pure is a new concept spa with the hope of being able to allow every single person to enjoy and relax in a beautiful and luxurious spa atmosphere. The Spa Pure prices are based on what the average income person can afford on a regular basis. We believe that the relaxation which is achieved at Spa Pure promotes a healthier way of life, and that no one should be deprived of good health and wellness.

I of course enjoy my typical combo of a 90 minute relaxation massage and hour long facial and decided, at the last minute, to also have my legs waxed, which cost in total (with tax) $140. Indeed a very good price!

Several of the certified estheticians who work at this Spa Pure location were recent graduates from a local school and are very capable.

The Spa was clean and comfortable and their products were organic, however I would not say it was "luxurious". The treatment rooms and relaxation room were on the small side and the spa did not have all the amenities I like in a Spa such as the water features, steam, baths and Vichy Shower. I asked the esthetician about tool sterilization and she said it was excellent.

I think for those looking for an affordable spa treatment in a comfortable simple environment, Spa Pure is ideal.


  1. prices are good but i would not go there again. although the aestheticians are very pleasant, i found the way they were rushed through their services and not given enough time to complete their job, they were exhausted making me think that if the boss treats it this way, how does he or she treat them when a customer is not there?
    no thanks to this spa because of how workers are treated by the boss, which indirectly effects the quality of the work.

  2. I thought it was fabulous, friendly and very professional service. I was very comfortable and altthough there may not have been a fancy water feature I also didn't have a paternising lecture at the end where an aesthetician tries to convince me into buying unecessary, expensive skin care products. I recieved personalised advice that was realistic in terms of how much time and money I could afford to spend.

    I'll definitely go back and recomend to my friends.

  3. they do not practise any kind of BC Health Regulation when it comes to sterilzation. Any spa shoul dknow you shoul dstart off with a new foot paddle and they do not which is gross!! Plus when they wax they do not come back and get rid of any odd hair that was left behind which is taught in school to do. The facial was the worse one ever they do not even take the eye make-up off! because they said it is not part of the facial, their concept is horrible because it was far from luxury more like garbage!Never go back & do not recommend!

  4. I found Spa Pure in Kelowna just by accident. I now go every other week and thoroughly enjoy their services. The spa is clean and comfortable, with the staff knowledgeable and friendly. I would not hesitate to recommend to my friends and family.

  5. I've been 3 times in Langley and LOVE it. While I agree that there are no "Water" features if I want those I will pay 3x as much and go to a different spa.

    For relaxation, mani/pedi and waxing they get a A+ from me and I can't wait to check out their new location :)

  6. I think for the incredable low price you pay they are great if you want all the fancy junk that you get in a expensive spa i would suggest waisting your money and going there. The only thing i would caution them on is to make sure your clients get the proper alloted time . I have been there 2 times and the first time i booked for an hour and only recieved 44 mins, would also like to see a little more massage and not as much just rubbing your back .

  7. I love Spa Pure. Everyone is super nice and down to earth. 20 years ago I trained as an Esthetician and have been to many spas for decades. I like the friendly and relaxed nature of their business model. Their prices are awesome and the estheticians professional.

    Once a new esthetician didn't perform a leg wax to my satisfaction because my hair is very fine and hard to see. When I let the management know they redid the job at no cost with no hesitation. I even received another free treatment for my trouble.

    Esthetics is an environment where it is possible to not be 100% happy 100% of the time. For me its the way situations are dealt with that is important.

    I give Spa Pure an A+ for their efforts to make such treatments affordable for all. I especially love their full body massage.

  8. Spa Pure Langley’s new location is much nicer than their old location – but it is not well done. The floors are not flush to the wall, the paint is not completed and in the doubles room the blinds are not adequate – you can see out in to the hallway and others can see in. This is a room where clients are getting changed and are in most cases almost naked. The pedicure room is not well lit; the aestheticians have to bob their heads not to cast a shadow while working. They have a small service room, during the service you can hear the aesthetician trying to fit between the bed and the wall while trying not to trip over the cords running on the ground.

    The prices are good and the quality of service is great for the price. The aestheticians for the most part are great and they try their best – that is until they are tired and stressed. The aestheticians do not get a break between services to clean up and set up again, that time is taken out of the client’s service times (if you take more than a couple of minutes getting dressed and out of the room, then you just put that aesthetician behind) So if you think you’re getting a full 60 min facial, you’re not. You are at most getting a 50 minute facial.

    The aestheticians could be treated and paid better. The prices are low and one reason is because the aestheticians get paid the minimum. Ever wonder why each time you go there is a new aesthetician or two or three, High overturn.

    In my opinion if changes were made, the spa could be great place to work and a wonderful place to get services done – until then I won’t be going there and I wouldn’t suggest working there.

  9. Thanks everyone for your comments. This post has the most comments, both pro & con--comments are great for people wanting to know how other feel before they book--so thank you!

    Please tell all your friends to LIKE Spa Girl on facebook!

    Spa Girl

  10. I've been to spa pure several times now and I must say it is a very prudish massage.

    My masseuse today was Amber and she asked me about any areas I didn't want touched or any that needed special attention. I am a skier and hockey player and yesterday I did both in one day, so I told her my thighs needed the massage most.

    On the back, she went up to about the crease of my butt, which is about fine, if you don't mind having your gluteus totally ignored. But I guess I can understand that somewhat.

    On the front, however, she didn't massage my thighs higher than about four inches above my knees. Now those muscles run all the way up to your hips, so she didn't even touch over three-quarters of the job.

    I know that the massage industry is vulnerable to lurid accusations, but this is just ridiculous! I thought I was getting a massage from a 18th century nun. They should be able to touch any area not covered by a reasonable pair of briefs. There is absolutely nothing sexual about the top half of my thighs!

    I don't blame them for not wanting to go high and inside in front where they will might accidentally touch something, but this was so puritanical that I got irritated by the whole thing. I need to come home now and massage my own thighs?

    Maybe the women who go in don't have this experience, in which case it is just sexist, pure and simple.

    I would like to hear if anyone else has had similar experiences.

    Either way, I'll never go back there again.

  11. I am an esthetician and I have to comment to the last post. If you have ever been in a room with a man asking you to massage their thighs and you don't feel comfortable with it you don't do it. I would suggest that if you want a massage that is more medical and will help with muscle issues and ailments you should go to an RMT and pay a bit extra. PS I have a friend that works in the Langley location and although they are busy and work hard they get paid really well and the owner is always doing nice things for the staff to show them they are appreciated. I have been trying to get a job there myself!

  12. I am surprised to read some of these comments, as an aesthetician and spa goer myself, I have been to Spa Pure a few times now. Every time I am there I am treated with respect and courtesy. Just about every service I have is well worth the money and yes sometimes my nails don't come out looking great (we all have bad days). But I always go back and they fix my nails for FREE!! Where I work we don't do that (it's always a $10 charge to fix nails). I also have a friend that works at one of their locations and she gets paid better than I do at my spa. I understand they are treated with respect and offered weekly prizes for their hard work. It always amazes me when reading some reviews on different websites that the bad reviews are usually disgruntled employees with anonymous accounts and just trying to put a spa down because they were fired. Every business fires employees and spas are no different.

    I would DEFINITELY recommend Spa Pure to anyone and everyone I see or talk to. It is a great place to relax and enjoy your services at reasonable pricing. It is always clean and their sanitizing is above Health Board standards.

    Thank-You all for reading my review and I hope you all give Spa Pure a chance.

    Jaclyn Druger

  13. I've always had EXCELLENT and professional service at Spa Pure, no matter what treatment I've had (including bikini wax, and I've had some terrible waxes at spas that charge three times as much!) I'd highly recommend Spa Pure to anyone.

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  15. On Monday I went to the Langley location for a facial and massage. I was greeted in a prompt and friendly way and treated with the utmost respect. The facial was the most relaxing I have had and every scrap of makeup was removed. Then on to the 60 minute massage. I mentioned I had a lot of tightness in my shoulders and the masseuse spent a little extra time there working out the knots. I was so relaxed I felt like a wet noodle when she was finished. A very pleasant way to spend 2 hours and it didn't break the bank. The decor is comfortable and clean and calming. I will definitely be going back.

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