Sunday, December 25, 2011

Spa Girl says check out SpaFinder's Top 10 for 2012

Each year SpaFinder, the trusted global spa and wellness resource, publishes SpaFinder Top 10 Spa Trends Forecast for the New Year.

As an organization SpaFinder is dedicated to helping people find establishments, experiences and information that promote the well-being of body, mind and spirit and to inspire them to lead a healthy lifestyle.  A mission it accomplishes year after year!

One of the most respected analysts and commentators on the global spa industry is SpaFinder President Susie Ellis. She leads the world's most prominent spa media, marketing, and research company - connecting the largest global network of spas to millions of spa consumers worldwide through and its media properties.

When I first began Spa Girl blog, SpaFinder was one of the resources I used to navigate the complexity of this remarkable wellness industry.   For several years many of my own blog topics have been reflected in SpaFinder's top 10 trends to watch for--which was rewarding on so many levels!

SpaFinder Top 10 Spa Trends Forecast for 2012 again include several  story lines that I have blogged in Spa Girl including the important of taking care of your feet (#1. Healthy Feet Treatments) ;  (#2 Cold and Ice Are Hot) where they mention Sparkling Hill, a fabulous well-being destination just outside Vernon, British Columbia (; Spa Cusine (#5. Pairing Fine Dining and Spa-ing); my love of Watsu, vibration and sound meditation (#6. Vibration, Sound, Music, Light and Color Therapies); and adding to the science behind Spa modalities (# 8. Spa Evidence: Showing the Science Behind Spa).

World-wide the Spa Industry continues to cultivate, develop and demonstrate its creative and innovated forward-thinking side and trends for 2012 are no exception.  Just click on the links below for more detail on each trend or visit the website for the full story.

SpaFinder Top 10 Spa Trends Forecast for the New Year.1. Healthy Feet Treatments
2. Cold and Ice Are Hot 3. Wellness and Beauty Coaching4. Online Wellness Gaming5. Pairing Fine Dining and Spa-ing6. Vibration, Sound, Music, Light and Color Therapies7. The Glam Factor8. Spa Evidence: Showing the Science Behind Spa9. Spas Become a Family Affair10. Spas Go for the “Wow”P.S.  Bonus Trend  Employee Wellness & Spas 

Here is a place where you can see each of the trends visually:  Link to Photo Gallery   


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