Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spa Girl says get rid of STRESS

I try not to get too stressed out but once in awhile I have a really bad day, and this was one of them. I won’t bore you with all the gruesome details but suffice it to say my stress levels hit an all time high and my date with my masseuse is not for another three days. What to do?

Everyone has a little stress in their lives and for some people a little stress is a good thing, it gets you motivated. However while stress is a mental condition, it also affects you physically wellbeing as the stress hormones in your body build up in your muscles and they begin to clench. And if you are like me when you get stressed you also forget to breath properly.

So after some soul searching and good old fashion research, here are a few suggestions to help get rid of your stress. Try one or several.

Breath and I mean deep breathing where you concentrate on every relaxing breath in while pushing the stressful breath out. Try adding some easy exercises while doing this, like yoga or tai chi, or go for a good walk or to the gym and work out, exercise releases endorphins and they eat up stress faster than anything else.

Make a mental list, or write it down if need be what is stressing you out and eliminate all those things that are not essential. Then you can pin point the root cause of your stress and talk about it with someone you love and trust. It’s amazing what a good conversation can do for your wellbeing.

Book yourself a weekend get-away and find the explorer in you, go to an outdoor market and antique shop, the beach. What ever makes you happy! It’s all about taking some time for you.

Laugh about some silly joke or something stupid you did, it’s amazing what a good laugh and a smile will do for your mood.

Zone out with your favorite music or better yet, turn it up and dance, or forget about your troubles in the pages of a good book or your Amazon Kindle—oh I want one. It’s about re-channeling your mind.

Make sure to eat well and drink plenty of water, junk food won’t help; you need all those healthy anti-oxidants.

Try for 7 hours of non-interrupted sleep, as my mom always said, things look better in the morning and lack of sleep only adds to your stress levels.

As the famous saying goes, ‘just do it’ throw yourself into learning a new skill. You will be surprised at what it does for your overall wellbeing and self esteem and you never know you might just meet some interesting new friends. I started a blog as I love to research and write!

Learn how to meditate and relax your body and your mind, the stress will just melt away. I have this personal philosophy which I try to adhere to; if I eat properly, exercise my mind and body, and mediate, all will be right with my world. And when it’s not right, I will be in better shape to deal with it.

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