Saturday, October 3, 2009

Spa Girl loves GREEN TEA for so many reasons!

For more than a decade researchers around the globe have been investigating the benefits of green tea. It seems this simple little beverage has the potential to fight cancer, heart disease, lower cholesterol, burn fat, prevent diabetes and stroke and slow down the onset of dementia.

Just reading this makes me plug in the kettle and prepare a nice steaming hot cup of green tea—especially on this rather chilly rainy morning!

The Chinese have been drinking green tea for over 4,000 years to treat a myriad of health related problems as green tea helps to cleanse toxins from the body. Green tea contains vitamins and is particularly rich in EGCG (epigallocatechil gallate) a powerful anti-oxidant that inhibits cancer cell growth and kills present cancer cells without harming the rest of the healthy tissues in the body. EGCG has become so reliable and popular in the medical community that it even produces better results than red wine, which contains a polyphenol that helps prevents heart diseases.
Taken altogether, the evidence certainly suggests that incorporating at least a few cups of green tea every day will positively affect your health," says Diane McKay, PhD, a Tufts University scientist who studies antioxidants.

Black tea, jasmine tea, (the list seems endless) do have their own healing properties, but it is green tea that many experience marvelous and long-lasting effects. Why? Green tea leaves are steamed, which prevents the epigallocatechil gallate from becoming oxidized unlike the black tea and the oolong tea leaves, which are fermented.

Green tea is natural, so you can drink as much as you like. Other benefits that have been discovered recently include effective burning of calories and the prevention of tooth decay and food poisoning because of its ability to destroy bacteria.

In the research I have conducted it seems most green tea "experts" recommend lose green tea over tea bags, and some prefer Japanese green teas over others—this might be a matter of personal taste.

One of the best resources I have found for information is Vancouver based Inspire Health, Canada’s foremost integrated cancer care centre, leading the way through research and innovative cancer care programs integrated with conventional cancer treatment.

On Inspire Health’s website there is a section where research studies are posted. The doctor’s analyse all the studies being produced around the world and post the most critical ones. Here is the link to all the studies produced on green tea. You only need to read a few to get the message, but it is a great list of important research being done in this area.

Inspire Health, like all organizations have a mission statement. There are several points listed as their top priorities, but the one that I find worth repeating for all my Spa Girl readers is this:

“Inspire one another to live healthy, happy and passionate lives”

Now that you’re excited about all the amazing benefits of green tea, why not prepare two cups, one to drink and one for your face!

This simple green tea tonic helps to cleanse tone and smooth the face and is recommended for aging and tired skin. Simply steep 2 teaspoons of powdered green tea in ½ cup boiling water for about 10 minutes. Allow to cool (store in a dark glass bottle) then apply green tea tonic to your face with a cotton ball. Like many face treatments, for best results, use daily.

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