Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Spa Girl says Hammams Are Hot

My first spa experience in a traditional Moorish-Mediterranean steam room known as hammam was at 10 Spa in the Fort Gallery Hotel in Winnipeg, Canada just after it opened it doors to a stunning new renovation.

Traditionally the hammam was a sensual bathing retreat which has evolved over thousand of years and dates back to Roman times. The principals of hammam bathing can still be experienced in many natural hot springs of Turkey, Tunisia, Spain, and Morocco.

Modern day Hammam Spas, including the stunning hammam at 10 Spa infuses old world traditional treatments with modern day services, offering quality products and spa treatments within a breathtaking and innovative environment.

The Hammam is maintained at temperatures between 45 and 50 degrees C with mild ambient steam. Hamam means "spreader of warmth". The walls, floor and seating areas are heated, and moisture is generated from the extensive use of water during treatments. Ten Spa offers a selection of hammam treatments that will leave your skin clean and rejuvenated. As in ancient times, regular visits to the hammam will cleanse your skin, detoxify your body and strengthen your immune system.

Upon entering the hammam you sit on one of the heated benches and apply a warm aromatic salt to your skin. After 10 to 15 minutes the hammam attendant will rinse you off and guide you to the large communal area where you can relax for up to an hour on a heated marble platform. I took the opportunity to take a break and enjoy a nice cup of Turkish tea. It is always important to drink lots of water during any spa treatment. There are also a number of wash basins located in the hammam. I poured cool water over my skin as I enjoyed the heat of the hammam and depending on what you requested when booking in, the hammam attendant will give you both a foot and scalp massage in a private room and soap you down from head to toe with lovely olive oil soap. I think finishing off a hammam with a rose oil massage is truly a slice of heaven.

Hammams are located in a number of spas worldwide. Check out the web for one nearest to you.


  1. Well this post sure has me thinking I need to book myself into the 10 Spa since I live just minutes away! I wonder why I have never been????

  2. Thanks Wendy, small world, add Spa Girl to your fan pages on facebook and be surprised who she is! And when you go to 10 Spa tell them you heard of them via Spa Girl.