Sunday, November 29, 2009

Spa Girl says Watsu is massage magic for water babies like me!

Founded in the early 1980’s by Harold Dull director of the Harbin School of Shiatsu and Massage in California, Watsu is a magical aquatic massage therapy.

Floating weightlessly in a warm pool the Watsu therapist guides your body through a series of gentle movements and stretches intended to completely relax the body and mind. For those of you who have done any water exercise programs know that working out in water is fabulous as the water supports the entire body and lets you push just that wee bit further without injury. At the heart of Watsu is a combination of shiatsu and ancient Chinese pressure-point therapy intended to help with the bodies energy flow along the meridian points, elements of massage, joint mobilization, muscle stretching and dance are also part of this amazing water therapy.

Many years ago at the height of their popularity I routinely headed for the floatation tanks and found them just amazing. Like floating, Watsu slows your mind down and as your body relaxes in warm water (around 35°C.) you can find yourself in a dream-like state. I found when I floated I could put an idea in my mind and then watch as the idea unraveled, often solving some difficult questions for me. Clearly when you have an opportunity to relax both the mind and the body it helps relieve overall stress and definitely makes for a better sleep! And Spa Girl asks who doesn’t need that!

Watsu is finding a place in many international health and wellness spas as well as in aquatic physiotherapy programmes, aiding recovery from injury, relieving muscular and joint pain and encouraging movement and flexibility.

While I have only participated in Watsu in a dedicated pool, I understand that in Chilean Patagonia and Argentina are some of the best thermal waters with therapeutic effects which combined with Watsu, well lets just say it is an out of body experience.

So if you think this therapy is for you check out hot springs in your area and see if they offer Watsu, if not head to your favourite Spa and Watsu baby, Watsu!


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  3. Thanks so much vanilla, I love researching and incorporating history within my blogs, and of course I love the spa! It would be great to write for a spa magazine or e-zine one day!

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