Saturday, January 30, 2010

Spa Girl knows the perfect way to relax and it starts with an S!

I have been on the go for the past two weeks and I’m ready to hit the spa and remember just how good it feels to relax. Booked myself in and spent the afternoon having a massage and a Clayton Shagal facial. Can’t count how many times I fell asleep during the two and a half hour treatment, especially when that heavenly steam was rolling over my face, opening all my pores and preparing my face for what was to come. This particular facial takes one and a half hours and leaves your face wonderfully clean and feeling soft, silky and extremely moisturized. I highly recommend this product.

I have blogged about this product line previously, but it is worth repeating. Clayton Shagal is a privately owned skin care line launched in the early 1980’s created in Germany and manufactured in Quebec, Canada. It is 99% pure extracted collagen and since 2004 has been used not only in high-end spas but for medical use as well. It’s expensive, but well worth the investment.

There are many great benefits of collagen: it revitalizes and normalizes the production of collagen in the dermis; fortifies the skin's foundation and improves suppleness of the skin; accelerates healing of scars and burns; delays formation of wrinkles (and who doesn’t like that!); it is ideal for pre laser procedures to increase the skin's ability to retain moisture & promote skin resiliency; and accelerates skin recovery and improves skin density.

Along with the extracted collagen Clayton Shagal products include elastin which improves moisturization and elasticity of the skin; penetrates deeply into the dermis and combines with collagen fibers to fortify the skin; improves skin tone, firms, and reduces sagging skin; and reduces redness and inflammation by normalizing the basic functions of the skin. Two great ingredients for a great looking face!

There are several Clayton Shagal products to select from; I opted for the gel lotion cleanser and bamboo and honey exfoliant which smells wonderful, a rich moisturizing mask and several active treatment products prior to a hynoderm cream which not only locks in moisture but protects your face from damaging ultra violet rays and environmental pollutants. One of my favorite aspects of a great facial is the process itself, the careful application of product, hot steam, and layers of hot facial towels applied several times during the hour and a half which help you relax and open up all your pores. My face will feel great for days!

In most cities there are training facilities, schools who teach the techniques of esthetics and massage. In many cases you can book yourself an appointment and pay a very reasonable fee for any number of spa services.

So take a page out of Spa Girls book, when you have over done it, take some time for yourself and head to the nearest spa and say facial please!

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