Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spa Girl fondly remembers how she fell in love with Spa Life

Recently a friend asked me how my passion for spa life came about and I would have to say it came from my mother.

My mother was a professional woman, a careerist who knew the value of taking care of yourself.  She also taught her children to be adventurous. She would ensure, despite her busy schedule, that we all ate well, slept well, including after lunch naps during the summer at the cottage, something I always found difficult as I would have rather been on the beach or in the water. She encouraged us to get involved in sports, to be diligent students and responsible for our actions. All four of us developed her work ethic. My mother also encourage us to appreciate the arts an appreciation I have to this day, a passion really!

It was during high school on a family trip that I first experienced the joys of spa life and I have never looked back. That adventurous spirit has allowed me to try all sorts of spa treatments and be open minded when it came to considering new modalities; everything from the Japanese art of Shiatsu (指圧 to Watsu.

But unlike my mother who juggled family obligations, a career and an active social life I often get to busy to be diligent about taking care of all aspects of my life so being a spa girl is one of the many joys where I can truly step back, relax and rejuvenate. Ironically it is a proactive activity which places my well-being temporarily in someone else’s hands.

Thanks mom!

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