Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spa Girl says What? Uncorking Vinotherapy

Who doesn’t like the idea of sampling a great wine with some incredible food? Wine just by itself while relaxing on a hot sunny day is delish, or how about sipping your favourite blend with a good book beside the fire. Or beside your computer while writing your favourite blog! (Sandhill pinot gris)

Wine continues to gain popularity but I was intrigued when I discovered Spa’s, especially those in wine country are now practicing wine therapy of a different kind! That’s right, healing the body with wine is gaining popularity and it has a name—Vinotheraphy!

As described by Carole Tessier, a freelance writer specializing in the beauty and spa industry.

Scientific research has proven that grape seeds, skin and stems are rich in phytophenols and resveratrol. Polyphenols (taken from the grape seeds) is a type of flavonoid with potent antioxidant abilities that protect the body from free radicals, while resveratrol, (a polyphenolic compound obtained from the grape skins) slows the aging process, spurs new cell growth and firms up skin.
Fittingly, the origins of vinotherapy can be traced back to France. It was in 1970 that pharmacologist Joseph Vercauteron discovered that grapes were rich in polyphenol and had beneficial effects on the skin.
Since then, wine has been recognized to not only please our palates, but our pores as well. And the popularity of wine therapy keeps growing, making it one of the hottest trends in the spa industry.

But wine spa treatments are one thing; travelling to wine country to have them is another. Wine enthusiasts are treating themselves to the ultimate “vino” experience by coupling wine tasting with vinotherapy. What could be better than basking in fountains of health and longevity at chic wine spa hotels and estates – and then enjoying samplings of fine wines from its beautiful countryside!

Carole Tessier, founder of Le Spa Promotions - publisher of Le Spa Book, a spa discount book offering hundreds of promotions in spas across Western Quebec and Eastern Ontario.

Recently Spa Girl had the pleasure to attend several events at the Kamloops Wine Festival, a fundraising event for the Kamloops Art Gallery and discovered wine therapy of the eatable kind from specialist Kristy Koehler a Kamloops sommelier.

Enjoy these scrumptious pairings then head off to the spa and ask for a Merlot wrap, or a Sauvignon massage, Chardonnay scrubs, or soak in wine-laced bath. Indeed, decadent and delectable!

Wine & Desserts
Jackson-Triggs Riesling Ice Wine with Almond Blackberry Cake with Vanilla Bavarian Cream
See Yah Later Ranch Ehrenfelser Ice Wine with Chocolate Orange Baked Mousse with Pistachio Royaltine and Mandarin Orange Segments
Sumac Ridge Gewurtztraminer Ice Wine with Mango Pavlova with Coconut Tuile
2002 Haine Vineyards Late Harvest with Baklava with Candied Pecans
Mission Hill Late Harvest Reserve Riesling with Tuxedo Strawberries

Wine &Cheeses
Aged 12 Year Old Cheddar with Stags Hollow Cabernet Sauvignon
Parmesan Reggiano with Stonehill Cabernet Sauvignon
Brie with Mistral Estates Chardonnay
Goat Cheese with Thornhaven Pinot Gris
Asiago with Lang Vineyards Pinot Noir
Cumin Spiced Gouda with Lang Vineyards Gewurtztraminer

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