Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Spa Girl loves a good scrub!

I love making my own spa products and anything that ends in a hot bath works for me! Salt scrubs can be expensive, so I generally make my own. I also enjoy a spa treatment with a Vichy shower, definitely not as much work, and very relaxing.

I always use salts from the Dead Sea and combine them with one of my favourite carrier oils, sweet almond and avocado are my favourite, but you should select one that suits you. Carrier oils offer different therapeutic properties and characteristics and should be selected based on the benefit you want to achieve.

Here is a basic receipt to make your own scrub, but experiment and have some fun.

  • ½ cup of sweet almond oil—or your preferred choice

  • 1 cup Dead Sea salts—don’t use table salt, but you can substitute sugar instead of salt

  • 8 drops of your favourite essential oil, or a preferred blend—as you know I love lavender and rosemary 

Mix the oil thoroughly into the salt until moist, then add your essential oils and combine. Sit on the edge of your bath, moisten your legs and apply the salt scrub in a gentle circular motion and move up your body. You might want help for your back. Shower off.

Once a week salt scrubs exfoliate layers of dead cells and help to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. Enjoy Spa Girls...

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