Saturday, July 24, 2010

Spa Girl’s last blog in the series on what’s in your moisturizer?

This series of blogs has been fun to research and I have learned so much about what to look for in a good moisturizer. As you can see from the chart, here is a great list of all other ingredients that can be found in your moisturizer such as colourants, fragrances, chemicals and preservatives and more.

Avocado, pumpkin seed oil, chlorophyll, chamomile, rose hip and calendula oils all provide natural, nutrient rich colours to your moisturizer and are great for the skin. On the other hand synthetic colours, which are often used to enhance the look of a product, can cause allergic reactions in some people. Some even contain heavy metals which may be carcinogenic so make sure to double check the ingredient list before you buy.

I am not keen to purchase a moisturizer with a heavy fragrance, working in a fragrance-free environment has heighted my senses to intense perfume smells and most fragrances in skin care product are synthetic. If you enjoy a little sent make sure the blends are from natural essential oils which also have the benefit of having therapeutic properties.

Methyl, propyl, butyl and ethyl are all parabens. Parabens are often used for their ability to preserve the shelf life of a product, and prevent bacterial and fungal contamination. Careful research will help you understand which ingredients you should look for when it comes to preservatives as they can be problematic, causing allergic reactions or irritation. I always think less is better when it comes to preservatives.

When selecting a great product I look for it to be certified organic, include all natural ingredients, no synthetics, no pesticides, GMO, or animal testing, cold formulated and if, on top of all of this, the company is also a good community citizen, supporting and giving back, even better!

Spa Girls suggests switching to an organic skin care product, your face and good health will thank you for it.

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