Saturday, February 12, 2011

Spa Girls Perfect Face + Vitamin C Cream

In my on-going search for the 'perfect face' I have tried so many different products before finding what I believe is a dream come true!

Achieving the perfect face requires finding the right product that works for you and your skin type--check out this series of blogs (Spa Girl's most perfect face) for more information on skin types and how to achieve your perfect face.

I am testing a line of products as I am considering developing my own product line! These skin care products are developed by Cosmetic Solutions, a member of the Natural Products Association, a company who develops private label brands for medical professionals and aesthetic skincare businesses world-wide. These CSI products are designed specifically to emulate the skin's natural functionality, with active therapeutic ingredients for all skin types.

I have now been using these products for six weeks and I have to say I love them. My skin continues to feel more revitalized each day, super clean and is soft as butter and oh so smooth.

I persuaded a dear friend into trying them with me and at lunch the other day she looked absolutely fabulous. She said she was just delighted about how great her faced looked--bright, soft, smooth and less wrinkles!

It is important for me to have a simple routine--three or four steps max--when looking after my face. I am generally in a hurry in the morning, so keeping it to as few steps as possible works for me.

Here is what I do in the morning:

1. Wash face with warm water (my esthetician recommended I cleanse once a day)
2. Gently smooth on Vitamin C Serum or Cream

Vitamin C+ Cream combines the antioxidant power of Vitamin C with the rich moisturizing properties of Squalane and Jojoba Oil, resulting in an extremely effective anti-oxidant moisturizer.

• Repairs skin damage
• Brightens skin tone and improves texture
• Stimulates collagen & elastin production
• Firms and tones the skin
3. Over this add Vitamin K & Arnica Cream
4. SPF Cream to protect my face from the sun

At night:

1. Wash with my Rose Hip Cleaner and warm water
Cleansers gently lift impurities, makeup and excess oil while helping to control blemishes and shine. Naturally derived cleansers reach deep within the skin to remove dirt and oil, leaving skin of all types purified and refreshed.

After cleansing, toners are known as an important step in your skin care regime to further remove excess impurities and oil, tighten pores and improve texture and tone while restoring the skins PH balance.

While I don`t use toners as I have such a great cleanser, it a matter of choice.
2. Gently smooth on Vitamin C Serum or Cream
3. Apply All in one Cream
Moisturizers help nourish and rehydrate the skin; restore elasticity; and repair skin damage. Outside of these core benefits, each moisturizer provides additional attributes in the pursuit of clearer, healthier and younger looking skin.
More on the All in One Cream:

That`s it, one-two-three + sun screen and you are set for the day or off to bed for a good night's sleep. Spa Girl Recommends: only use your sun screen in the morning for that perfect face!

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