Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spa Girl heads to the pool...

I'm a big fan of low-impact fitness and the best way is to work out in the pool. Water aerobics supports the entire body and reduces the risk of injuries. I also find I have greater range of motion and really enjoy all the stretching exercises I can do in the pool.

Water exercises help to increase your metabolism, burn calories, improve flexibility, balance and over strength, and helps with overall body coordination.

Exercising in water reduces 90% of your body weight making it easy on your joints, bones and muscles while at the same time enjoying a thorough workout. It is also a great cardio-workout as you are moving the entire time you are in the pool. Water also offers a good resistance training helping to improve muscle strength and tone.

Like all exercise programs, working out in the water requires a warm-up, toning and stretching and a cool down. It is also important to drink water while working out in the pool, you might not think you are sweating, but you are, and keeping hydrated is super important.

Here are some Spa Girl tips: warm up by swimming a few laps or running/jogging in the water; toning and stretching involve rhythmic movements such as leg lifts, water chair, lateral raises, squats, and water jogging; and the cool down involves stretching out all the muscle groups and some breathing exercises.

I love to use various pool aids such as kick boards, noodles and dumbbells for many of my routines. Dumbbells especially help to increase resistance and work the muscles a wee bit harder.

When I first started exercising in the pool I took a number of classes so I could learn the basic routines and movements, and there are a lot of them. Once I decided on which were my favourites I created my own workout and can do it anytime I'm in the pool, class or no class.

The most important thing to remember about any exercise program is to like what you are doing, and do it. By adding something different to your weekly routine helps mix it up and keeps it fun and if you enjoy the water, this is ideal for you.

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