Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spa Girl says sits down, take a load off, relax!

Sit down, take a load off, relax...are these familiar phases?  Learning to relax is vital for ensuring good health and overall well-being. My mom taught me your health is your personal responsibility and if you don't look after it, no one else will.

Learning how to relax is essential to a healthy life-work balance and teaching yourself a few simple techniques will definitely pay off.

One of the most essential ways to relax is by slowing down your breathing. This can be done by inhaling deeply through your nose, count to five and then breathe out through your mouth at least ten times. If you learn a few arm movements which complement the breathing it makes for a great relaxation technique.

Avoid sugar and carbohydrates which easily convert to sugar as these can cause spikes in your blood sugar levels upsetting the body's ability to utilize energy. It is also a good idea to lower the amount of caffeine and remember that drinking warm water will help you relax. Better to eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains, drink plenty of water each day and remember to take your vitamins.

Everyone knows the importance of exercise! Scientific studies repeatedly show that at least 30 minutes every day is the best known way to reduce stress. Practicing yoga, tai chi, or aikido is a great way to both exercise and clear your mind of the stresses of the day.

And of course one of my favorite ways to relax, go to the spa and have a great massage and facial.

I think learning to relax your mind will also help improve your overall well-being. Staying positive and learning to see the glass half full, rather than half empty is a great place to start. Look at the big picture and don't focus on the negative.

Visualization will help take your mind to a place you love, like the beach or remembering the best massage you ever had. Focus on the beauty in everything around you.

Pamper yourself, take a warm bath preferably with candles and essential oils, read a great book, spend time with friends, listen to music and remember to laugh!

It also helps to prioritize your work, clean a closet, don't feel guilty and don't procrastinate, just do it! When you get it done, you will not only have a nice clean space, but you can relax and enjoy a task well done. Meditate and play, get your mind off what is stressing you out! Go fishing or to the Spa and if you have a dog go for a walk--pets know how to have fun.

Here's to finding your inner peace!

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