Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dedicated to my dear friend Indigo...

For those of you who have followed my Spa Girl blog, you will recall this post...

I awoke this morning to a big silver bucket left on my doorstep full of heavenly spa goodies from a friend who shares many of my own passions—a welcome gift for my dive into the blogosphere. We are both voracious collectors of almost everything, aesthetics who love life and of course we are Spa Girls! I am always amazed, humbled and so touched with these remarkable gestures of kindness, it will surely make me smile the entire day and then some. I'm heading to the bath, bucket in hand. 

...imagination and friendship, what wonderful gifts

Indigo left that fantastic bucket of Spa goodies to celebrate my new Spa Girl blog, a gesture of philanthropy I now understand she extended to many of her friends.   She celebrated life each and every day and was truly an amazing woman, full of life, love, creativity and a sense of wonder for everyone and everything around her. I hope to live my life as she did, with passion and adventure. For one person to give so much to so many is a true testament of human kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity.

My friend, and great Spa Girl supporter passed away this past week of cancer--we must FIND a CURE!

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