Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spa Girl is a real stickler for Clean Spas

I have visited Spas all over the world and the one thing that I insist on is a hygienically safe environment. 
Most people make the assumption that in the Spa business they know how to maintain a safe, sanitary environment.  But it never hurts to double check, after all, it is your wellbeing you are putting into the hands of others.
The best way to assure yourself that the Spa you are visiting is 'taking care of business' is to politely ask to have a tour and ask a few questions along the way.
What to look for and what to ask...
  • Ask how they disinfect the equipment and hydrotherapy tubs and ask to see their sterilization room.
  • Ask to see a treatment room and make sure it is squeaky clean and check out the drain in the wet room.  No wanted hair here!
  • Make sure nail files are for one time use only, or disinfected between clients and that the ropes and slippers are being cleaned after each use.
  • Absolutely NO double dipping of anything!

Once you have satisfied yourself that the Spa you are booking into meets your clean index you can truly take Spa Girls motto to heart: Relax, Rejuvenate & Restore!

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