Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Spa Girls top three favourite hand creams

Every Spa Girl wants smooth, hydrated, soft hands, but finding the right hand cream that works for you and your skin type is no exercise for the faint of heart. 

If you enter hand creams into your search engine thousands of sites come up extolling their virtues and claiming to be the best hand cream on the market.  They say their product will absorb quickly and promise to deliver youthful-looking, soft hands almost overnight. And these products come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, a variety of gels, serums, lotions, and creams with, in some cases, price tags the size of small mortgages.

What is important to know when selecting any skin care product is that skin requires collagen in order to stay firm and looking healthy. A hand cream that contains antioxidants which nourish the skin and fight free radicals will also go a long way to smoothing, hydrating and soften your hands. When choosing a hand cream also look for natural ingredients.

After many trials and errors, I have found three hand creams that I use on a regular basis. It might just help you narrow down that search for the perfect hand cream.

Pre de Provence
After studying in the south of France, almost anything French captures my heart, so when I discovered this amazing hand cream that worked wonders on my skin, I immediately bought several tubes and then blogged on this fabulous hand cream.

Here is what I had to say...

What they have to say...

In Provence, everything is influenced by herbs and flowers- from the fresh rosemary in their cuisine, to the petals blended in their perfumes. It is easy to understand why the Provencal way of health and beauty is commonly based on the ancient art of aroma therapy- the use of specially selected essential oils extracted from plants for the purposes of Homeopathic medicine and spiritual balance. Pre de Provence products reflect this ancient art.The Pre de Provence selection of products are produced from the purist botanical essences harvested in Provence using the aromachology principle.. These products are for those who appreciate the quality of these refined products and require the purist and finest in bath and hair preparations.
Perlier Olivarium Emollient Hand Cream with Pure Olive Oil
Produced in Italy this rich hand cream is made with pure olive oil from the Mediterranean.  Its rich emollient formula makes for a great non-greasy moisturizer leaving your hands velvety soft and smooth.  I love this product!

What they have to say...

With over 80 years experience in the area of scientific research, Italian manufacturing giant Perlier has long specialized in the development of therapeutic products derived from natural ingredients. However it wasn't until an expansion in 1972 that the company saw the introduction of their bath and body line, developed specifically to provide women with "high quality, functional and efficient products" that would address their individual skincare needs. The concept soared and helped the brand become the number one cosmetics company in Italy.
Located in Turin, their corporate offices, research lab, and experiment centre sit on 150 acres of land, free of pesticides and insecticides, where they cultivate all the plants, flowers, and honey from which their ingredients derive. The result is pure, scientifically formulated products whose results and effects can actually be measured.
Uniquely marketed in a straightforward manner, Perlier makes no promises of "miracles" to their customer but instead simply guarantees efficient results.

Adovia Mineral Hand Cream
Enriched with Dead Sea Minerals and Shea Butter this rich hand cream is formulated with natural oils including Calendula Oil, vitamins and essential minerals.  Like all my three favorite hand creams this product absorbs quickly into the skin leaving your hands feeling silky soft and smooth.

What they have to say...

Established in 2005, ADOVIA is the first skin care line to combine Dead Sea Minerals with the finest Natural Herbal ingredients nature has to offer to create a nutritious cocktail for your skin. ADOVIA's mineral-based products work to restore your skin's natural inner balance, allowing it to renew and rebuild itself to achieve visibly smoother, healthier and younger looking skin. Your skin cells are replenished with vital nutrients, resulting in a naturally smooth, rejuvenated and healthy complexion. Take your skin and soul on a journey to the world's oldest and largest natural spa - The Dead Sea - with ADOVIA Mineral Skin Care.

The next time you extend your hand out to someone make sure it is well cared for, soft and smooth, it will send out an important message, that you care about your own well-being!


  1. Oh very wise Spa Girl,
    Wondering if you have some advice. I adore healthy products with quality essential oil scents.. but I can no longer use creams that have 'flowery' scents due to a wasp allergy. Do you know of sprays or scents that you love, that smell amazing, but not sweet or flowery? Do any of the above meet that requirement?
    I'm not a shopper... I'd rather an expert advise me than go on a search. ~smile~ Thanks in advance!

  2. I have and occassionally use L'Occitane from En Provence with Shea Butter, honey, almond extract and coconut oil.....I also love it but forget that it is in my purse...

  3. Hey Anonymous,
    Never ever forget those 'glawr-ee-uh s' hands of yours, they represent the first impression on how you care for yourself.

    I was sitting next to a woman in a meeting and I couldn't keep my eyes off her hands, they were a mess, over tanned, wrinkled and years older than they should be. I still have that image in my head, not how I want to be remembered!

    Keep that wonderful Pre de Provence in your purse and every time you look at your hands think about applying a little magic. Or better yet, get into the habit of applying it after washing your hands!

    Thanks for being a great Spa Girl!

  4. Hey Musingalong...

    Love you name!

    First of all, anyone who calls me Oh very wise Spa Girl jumps to the head of the line...LOL Thanks!

    What a dilemma you have. As someone who has also experienced reactions to bee and wasp stings (and this summer in my neck of the woods, the wasps are out in full force) I know you don`t want to to encourage them.

    I am going to suggest another product which I find is extremely useful. You can use it for dry and irritated skin, cuts, minor burns, cracked heels, bites and chapped lips so it`s a great all-in-one balm. Its manufactured by Elemental Herbs and is called (ready for this...LOL) ALL GOOD GOOP. It is an organic healing balm. It has a slight sent, but not flowery. I purchased mine on line and it came in the mail within a week.

    Wasp stings are painful and can trigger serious allergic reactions. And those pesky critters are very aggressive and can sting multiple times--indeed not fair!

    Check out these site:

    Good luck, and thanks so much for your question!

  5. Hi AJ!
    I get your blog emails each week now. :) I just read this - I'm not familiar with any of the creams, so am excited to check them each out! My hands are generally a mess so I am always happy to find something to make them look and most importantly, feel better. And now that I know the tester, I know i can trust her. ;)

  6. Hi Suzanne, my dear sweet niece...
    Let me know how your hands are doing and which product you decide to try. Always great to have another opinion/testimony for the products I recommend.

    Don't work to hard, I love you!
    A. Jann / Spa Girl