Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Spa Girl says Proof (SpaEvidence.com) is in the Pudding!

don't need to convince Spa Girl fans or anyone who regularly goes to the spa, that it simply makes you feel better. As my motto states:  relax, rejuvenate and restore!

Now there is a website which provides substantiation that spa and wellness related modalities like massage, meditation, acupuncture and fitness have powerful, proven health benefits.  Evidence which states--for example--that a 45-minute massage decreases stress hormones and boosts the immune system.

Hundreds of million people around the globe use alternative practices to either maintain or improve their health and now thanks to several forward thinking individuals in the medical and spa fields you can access this first-ever evidence-based research.   This is very exciting!

Discussion around the need for such a resource was introduced by Dr. Kenneth Pelletier, a renowned expert in Integrative Medicine at the 2010 Global Spa Summit and it grew from there.  This remarkable portal provides access for professionals and non-professionals alike to scrutinize medical evidence that exists for spa and wellness related therapies.  Literally thousands of hard science studies that evaluate and discuss the benefits of many spa treatments. 

Congratulations to the founders of this new portal, one I know I will use on a regular basis!  www.spaevidence.com

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