Sunday, February 5, 2012

Spa Girl enjoys a Day of Detox

I have been working much to hard lately so I decided it was time for a "me day" and that can only mean one thing--I headed to the Spa!  However I didn't feel like travelling and I wanted to try something different so I was determined to find something in my own back yard.

In researching some local spas I came across  Qphoria Tanning and Wellness  .  While I am not a fan of tanning booths, Qphoria offers a number of other services that are of interest--so I booked in for a two hour "Day of Detox" ($85).

It's a treatment that comes in four parts.  First you enjoy a session on a vibration machine, which, as I have blogged about in previous posts, helps to increase circulation  boost your metabolic rate and improve lymphatic drainage helping to eliminate toxins thus purifying  the body.  It also helps to build lean muscle mass and bone density and I know from firsthand experience makes you feel good!  This session also included an oxygen session with a number of wonderful aromatherapy essential oils to choose from.

Once you are fully jiggled, wiggled and well oxygenated you head to the Hydration Detox Chamber--a new-age version of the old fashion steam boxes--which gently baths your skin in a dense steamy mist (48 degree C) infused with vitamins and minerals.  This treatment cleanses, removes toxins from fat cells with the use of infrared lights and re-hydrates your skin leaving it soft, silky and glowing.  They also claim you can burn up to 300--600 calories per session. 

Spa Girl Suggests:  drink water both before and after using the hydration chamber.

By this time you are well on your way to feeling pretty darn relaxed when you are welcomed by a skilled massage practitioner for an hour long detox massage which stimulates the lymphatic system to further flush toxins and purify the body.  I am pretty fussy about massage work and this was the best Spa massage I have ever had, and seeing that I have experienced many massages over the years in all parts of the world, that is saying something--I am still raving about it!  Thank you Karly!

The massage included a combination of techniques including relaxation, myo-fascial, Swedish, crania-sacral and hot stones.  Unbelievable!

Ok I am now officially a mush ball!

On the way out you are handed a fabulous pick me up, a delicious smoothie made with Swiss chard, kale, spinach, blueberries, bananas and organic pomegranate juice--it quite simply does not get any better! And remember Spa Girls, all this for $85.oo! 

Qphoria Tanning and Wellness Centre says...
We are a full service tanning and wellness salon in beautiful Kamloops, BC. We hope to inspire beauty from the inside out and offer tanning, and all our services, as a step towards good health and wellness.  Our rooms are large, our equipment high end, our services well researched, and our prices are fair. The staff of Qphoria Tanning and Wellness are passionate about customer service, we are friendly, knowledgeable, and all are Smart Tan Certified. 
The wellness centre is large and almost funky (as in Earthy, uncomplicated and natural) and at times you can feel like you are in a Sci-Fi movie with all the amazing equipment.

Their Mission is simple and straight forward--to provide incredible customer service in a fun, welcoming atmosphere, where while offering state of the art equipment, and services at affordable prices.

On all accounts Qphoria lives up to this mission. Indeed, it is all about the customer! I was also impressed with the owner, Lisa, who answered a number of questions when I booked my appointment and with the staff, who on my arrival were friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating, answering an additional endless stream of questions.  And unlike many spas I have visited truly enjoy their work.  Thank you Kerry and Anna.

Qphoria is all about inspiring beauty from the inside out and providing services that lead to good health and wellness.  I cannot say enough about this wellness centre.  I definitely intend on returning!

For more information about Qphoria check out their website.


  1. Wow! Having a spa is a nice feeling. It relaxes so much. Thank you for sharing this post. I hope to see more your posts about spa. Thanks

  2. Thanks Kelowna Spa, check in, or better yet "LIKE" Spa Girl on facebook and read all the blogs I post and more. Have a great day!