Saturday, June 9, 2012

Spa Girl's lovely lemon facial cleanser

There are many products available to cleanse your face, however I prefer natures best, all natural and that means lemons!

Lemons are known for their anti-aging power and natural acidity, when combined with healthy probiotics from yogurt this DIY facial cleanser will clean and infuse your face with good bacteria. Lemons are also a stress-reducing super citrus fruit.

This is an ideal summer cleanser when repeating applications of sun screen and make up can build up.

Here is what you do... 1.5 tbsp plain organic yogurt / 1.5 tsp lemon juice / 2 drops essential lemon oil.    Mix all ingredients together. Dip a cotton facial pad in the mixture and remove make-up. Repeat as many times as needed using a new pad until all your make-up is removed.   This facial cleanse will not keep, so use it right away and discard any left over.


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