Thursday, July 5, 2012

Spa Girl says Qphoria = A Feeling of Great Happiness & Well-being

 After way to many weeks of rain and cold I was feeling the dampness and really needed a pick-me-up, so I booked a massage for myself and my husband and we headed off to Qphoria (Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada) to see Carly.  A woman that can read muscles like no other.

This was Alan's first time having a massage with Carly and like me (I was so serene I was 'stupid' for several minutes! ) he floated out on a cloud of R,R & R-- which was ideal as he had a hard hour long run in the hills this morning and was feeling a wee bit sore.

Massage is good for you on so many levels, many of which I have previously posted.  However not all massage work is equal and for as many relaxation massages I have had, Carly is the all time best!  And when you find someone who can read your body and make you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and restored, follow them to the ends of the earth...LOL

Today Carly worked several muscle groups that were bothering me and for 90 minutes I drifted off to sleep several times.  She finished with some hot stones and several amazing techniques on my face which felt remarkable.  Who knew you retain so much stress in your eyebrows!

Generally speaking, for me at least, I connect or don't with the person giving the massage.  When you bond, it can be utter magic--here are some key points to look for in a great technician.  They spend time prior to your massage asking 
you if you have any particular areas that are of concern  and accommodate those special needs within the massage, the room is spotless and they quietly excuse themselves so you can get undressed and under the covers, they pay attention to the music (if you like music during your massage), they ask if you would like something to drink, and if you say no, they politely remind you that water is very important to help flush the system after a massage.  They make sure there is Kleenex in the room, don't talk unless you initiate a discussion or to ask if you feel comfortable and that the pressure is OK, they use really good essential/carrier oils and you NEVER feel rushed or neglected.  Once a practitioner left the massage room to get some things she had forgotten and left me lying there for 15 minutes--I am not kidding!  

It is so important that you feel a sense of trust when having any spa treatments and massage work is no different.  You must feel comfortable, that there is a shared sense of respect and professionalism.  And Spa Girls, if you have not found this--keep looking--there is a Carly out there for you! 

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