Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Spa Girl says HEAT it up...

I took a much needed hiatus from Spa Girl during an exceptional busy time at work, but I'm back with a post on HEAT!

I enjoyed a fabulous massage yesterday.  It was the first day the weather turned ugly.  It was cold and snowy and the roads were a mess.  As I literally skidded my way to my appointment I wondered if it was worth it, an hour and a half later, I can honestly say it was!

I have not been practicing what I preach, so this week I'm having back to back massages, the first being a relaxing massage, the second with my RMT at home, which I love.

My relaxing massage therapist is just amazing and she definitely has intuitive skills that make her an exception.  Her meticulous and temperate touch often put me fast asleep!  Yesterday I was so tense and overdue for a massage she added some additional modalities to her traditional body work, some hand and forearm stretches (much to much computer work), hot stones and warming blankets.  Oh yes, and a new aromatherapy oil blend that infused the room with the exotic scent of tropical flowers.

Our bodies love heat and during a massage this can be a great advantage to a successful outcome, especially if you haven't been paying attention to your sore muscles.  

As Leslie Bruder writes, "Heat opens the muscles and relaxes the joints, which helps to penetrate the tissue more easily and leaves clients less sore from deep work. Meanwhile, by providing warmth in your massage sessions, your clients will feel more nurtured and leave your care with a lasting glow to shield them from the cold outside."

So when the weather outside is frightful, remember to ask for some HEAT! 

Heat Techniques Nurture Clients, by Leslie Bruder

Leslie Bruder, a massage therapist for more than 25 years, holds a master’s degree in psychology and a certificate in integrated body psychology. She has taught in numerous massage schools and spas, and holds workshops in the art of touch throughout the United States and Mexico.

What Is Hot Stone Massage? Don't Get Burned With This Warming Treatment, by Anitra Brown, About.com Guide


How to Get-Rid of Sore Muscles

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