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Spa Girl enjoys the lead up to Christmas @ Two Bunch Palms Resort & Spa

The "Grotto" at Two Bunch Palms

Quite literally an oasis in the desert the renowned Two Bunch Palms has a fabulously interesting history.  Located on the geological fault at Miracle Hill with its life-sustaining artesian mineral well, it was inhabited  by First Peoples for thousands of years, prior to the building of a get-away retreat for the notorious Al Capone. 

Enticed by the magical allure of the mineral waters, natural beauty and the therapeutic relaxation,  many guests including celebrities needing a much needed escape  have come to make their spiritual mark on Two Bunch Palms Resort & Spa.

Fondly called two Bunch, it is located in Desert Hot Springs, California and is nestled in a unique location that is sacred because of the natural elements.  Home to one of the hottest artesian mineral wells in the country, it is quiet (whisper only) and respectful atmosphere, offers renowned treatments in its very humble Spa facility dedicated to contemplation and rejuvenation.  You can also expect gourmet dining, yoga meditation, various water activities including watsu, qi gong, mud baths and of course the Grotto where you can just float about in the healing waters.

Whisper Only Policy @ Two Bunch

Dr. Augustus Broue, a native of Australia and master metallurgist, chemist, geologist and physicist, visited Desert Hot Springs in 1938. Dr. Broue had spent many years traveling around the world analyzing naturally occurring curative waters. The following statement was made by Dr. Broue after analyzing the waters found beneath Desert Hot Springs:

"I made an investigation of the waters found in Desert Hot Springs, also the soil and geological formations. From the analysis of these waters, I have not found the like of them in any country I have explored…. It would appear to have qualities far superior to any waters known to me. Under proper directions, Desert Hot Springs could become a very important health center."
Situated on 56 acres you are invited to take hikes, borrow a bike and go for a ride, or walk the many trails and photograph the various wildlife, fragrant plants and majestic mountain views. The property also supports several tennis courts, an outdoor pool,  barbecue area, dry sauna and tee time at several local golf courses.

What they have to say about the healing waters...
From the cradle of time deep within the Coachella Valley, nature created one of the hottest mineral wells in the world. These famed waters of health emerge from the Earth at 148 degrees Fahrenheit and descend from the geological fault at Miracle Hill to the mineral springs and resort of Two Bunch Palms. It is here at our world-renowned resort that the mineral waters cascade into a temperature-controlled grotto with two pool areas carved from stone. The smaller pool maintains a temperature of 104 degrees while the larger pool is a steady and constant 99 degrees. We are proud to have one of the few mineral pools with no sulfurous odor, simply a woodsy scent that is reminiscent of a long-lost era. A canopy of trees filters the desert sun during the day but allows for the shimmer of moonlight and sparkle of stars to shine on the waters of The Grotto. Whether shared as a romantic indulgence or solitary pleasure, The Grotto at midnight is a heavenly delight. 
The main Spa is located in a very humble building and offers more than 50 unique and soothing treatments to select from.  All the therapists are highly qualified some being at Two Bunch for over 25 years.  There are also several outdoor treatment gazebos to river rock alcoves, outdoor showers, mud cabanas and newly renovated facial rooms.
Casino Restaurant

Two Bunch Palms Resort and; Spa has been recognized many times: Spa Finders Readers Choice Awards: 2007, 2008, Spa Magazine's Silver Sage Readers Choice Awards: 2007, 2008, and one of Ten Greatest Places to Relax Your Mind and Body by USA Today: November 2008.

Two Bunch Palms also welcomes day guests and I opted for their fabulous World Away Spa Day package, available from Sunday to Friday for $165.00 per person and Saturdays for $185.00 (retail value $215.00).   This amazing package includes one 60 minute Spa Treatment (choose from 12 different treatments.) with Day Spa Fee waived, 15% gratuity for spa treatment, $15 credit for lunch in the Casino Restaurant and unlimited soaking in the "Grotto".  I opted for the Mud Bath/Poultice and added a personalized facial for an additional $99.00.

After a day at Two Bunch not only was I relaxed and rejuvenated, but I felt detoxed, and oddly thinner!  

I would like to extend a very special thank you to Ana Davis who took care of me with such grace and style. 

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