Friday, September 4, 2009


I went for a facial treatment today and my skin feels like silk. The facial was an hour long and so relaxing I feel asleep. The esthetician used Clayton-Shagal products.

Clayton-Shagal is a brand of skin treatments that emphasize the key ingredient collagen, which is stated to be 99% pure in these products. Other primary components are Elastin, Hydrocomplex, Proteoglycans, Cytokines, Placenta and Hynoderm. Clayton-Shagal skin care products endeavor to restore collagen levels, prevent wrinkles, battle fine lines, improve firmness and assist with the aging process.

Clayton Shagal products are unique because they effectively penetrate the natural protective barriers of the epidermis and let the implanted collagen fibrils work deep into the connective tissues.

For the last twenty years with its facilities in Europe, North America and Asia, Clayton Shagal has been renowned for its outstanding skin care line of products.

Gel Lotion Cleanser: a one-step, non-perfumed cleanser, suitable for all skin types, so complete and non-irritating that it is recommended by medical and aesthetics professionals.

Once the skin surface is properly cleansed and ready to absorb precious nutrients, we are now ready to attack the most critical aging offender: the loss of in-depth moisturizers.

Collagen Gel: plays a key role in effectively hydrating the dermis (Second layer of skin). Collagen is the skin’s principal moisturizer. Over time and with age, the skin loses its strength and therefore the collagen fibres weaken. Skin tissues are no longer well fed, will gradually thin and dry out therefore unable to continuously hydrate the skin.

Collagen accounts for up to 90% of the connective tissues, or the dermis. It fortifies the skin's foundation and improves the suppleness of the skin. Collagen gel should be applied in the evening and used before any creams.

Elastin Gel: a natural complement to collagen that influences the elasticity and firming of the skin. It also plays a crucial role in skin hydration. Clayton’s Collagen and Elastin are in the form of gels and extracts that favours a deep penetration. Elastin gel should be applied in the morning and used before any creams. Clayton Shagal’s Elastin and Collagen work synergistically with each other.

Creams: Moisturizing, Hynoderm, Placyderm and Hynopiderm
Surface lubrication is the last crucial operation of skin care management. Clayton Shagal’s light and creamy surface moisturizers are brimming with emollients and precious nutrients which are designed to parallel the normal moisturizing factors of the skin and give it that baby softness.

After one to six months use of Clayton Shagal skin care products, here are some noted results and benefits:
• Improves moisture retention
• Reduces fine lines and wrinkles noticeably
• Improves elasticity and softens skin texture
• Tightens pores & improves toning
• Gives a brighter complexion
• Enhances skin protection
• Promotes healing and scarring

You can find more information about Clayton Shagal’s products by visiting the website at

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