Sunday, November 1, 2009

Spa Girl loves Ireland for many reasons!

I have traveled to Ireland more than any other country in the world, other than perhaps the USA, and I quite simply love this enchanted emerald isle. One of my dreams (when I win the lottery) is to open a spa in one of the many old historic houses, with its rambling gardens, which dot the Irish landscape.
This picture is one of many of my favourite heritage sites, the Mussenden Temple on the Downhill Estate, Northern Ireland.
Traveling in both the North and South of Ireland, whether by car, train, boat or bike is a real treat, the people are wonderful, the landscape incredible and the history engaging. On one occasion, after reading about them in a book, I dropped everything and drove right across the island in order to take a hot saltwater seaweed bath. Seaweed baths are very popular in Ireland dating back to Edwardian times. If you have never tried a seaweed bath it is worth the trip! On one such outing I came across a local company which has created the most heavenly seaweed based skin care products.

Seavite, a company producing organic skincare products is one of Galway’s pride and joys. Founded in 1993 by the late Patrick, a marine scientist and Kaye Mulrooney, Sevite is a family owned business. Its medical directors are the Mulrooney daughters, Jane and Katherine, both doctors specializing in dermatology. Their brother James is the company’s financial director and strategist.

Seaweed is well-known for its therapeutic properties. Scientific studies confirm seaweed helps reduce stress, relieves dry skin and is also good for soothing muscle aches and joint stiffness. Michael Guiry’s Seaweed Site provides some great information and benefits of seaweed:

Kilcullen’s bath house situated on the eastern end of the Enniscrone seafront is one of Ireland’s oldest seaweed bath houses. The bathhouse still has the original enormous glazed porcelain tubs and solid brass Edwardian taps. You can book a double room with a steam box and two bath tubs so you can enjoy a nice hot steam before jumping into your bath with your favourite side-kick. Not only did my partner love it he sang to me as the air filled with the briny smells of the sea—is this romantic or what! If however, the idea of taking a hot saltwater seaweed bath is not appealing you can opt to enjoy the natural ingredients of Seavite instead.

Needless to say I was delighted when a package arrived on my door step last Christmas full of Seavite products, thanks honey. It’s almost Christmas again!

For more information on the array of great products available from Seavite just click on the link

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