Friday, December 11, 2009

Spa Girl is all a glow ♥

It’s definitely winter out there and not one my favourite times of the year especially when you live in cold climes. I am also on holiday so what better way to liberate one self from the chills than to go the Spa.

So off I went for a blissful salt glow & wrap with a Vichy Shower which I find totally relaxing and is one of my all time favourite spa treatments.

Salt glows are an ideal way to exfoliate & hydrate your skin; first the estition prepared a mixture of sea salt and essential oils which filled the wet room with a heavenly scent. Depending on the spa, you might be lying on a massage table covered with a towel or sheet or a thin piece of plastic, or on a wet table, basically a big shower room with a table covered in plastic and a solar blanket to wrap you up in. Some spas offer disposable underwear but I find I am quite comfortable with just being covered with towels.

Today I was lying on a wet table draped with a towel as she massaged this delightful fusion of sea salt, oil, and aromatics (lemon & lavender) into my skin, one side then the other. Once she completed the salt massage I was wrapped up like a mummy in order for my body to heat up and absorb the rich mixture of salt and essential oils. For the next 20 minutes as I “baked” I got a face and scalp massage, now Spa Girls, this is just over the moon! Having someone massage your face—especially my eye brows and chin—releases all the stress and stain from your day.

The last part of the treatment was having a Vichy shower, which is a special six or seven-headed shower parallel to the table. There is something magical about having a horizontal shower. The hot rain-drop like shower puts me into a meditate state and don’t want it to end. I highly recommend it.

Having a salt glow & wrap leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated and velvet like but don’t book an appointment if you have just had your hair done, you are soaked from head to toe!

I learned something else today. Prior to heading to the spa I went to a staff Christmas lunch and I was not all that comfortable lying on my stomach as I was full from a not so great meal. So better to stick with those wonderful spa cuisine receipts I posted and have linked below.

Stay warm Spa Girls and enjoy the salt, essentail oils and Vichy shower!

Playing on the salt flats.

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  1. Which spa place was this? and would you have been more comfortable if your tummy was filed with a really great meal?!