Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Spa Girl says YES to seducing the senses with devine design

I was surfing the bookstores and came across this beautiful book. I’m the first to admit that although I have way too many books (is that possible?) and not enough time, I have a deep passion for books. I think it’s their tangible nature that attracts me. I also think there is nothing better than sitting in front of a roaring fire or on a sunny beach with a good book. A friend once remarked that if you like reading you will never be lonely.

Books that have a sense of their own aesthetic are also high on my priority list—so well designed that you slide into them like a comfortable pair of shoes.

I am also an enthusiast of great architecture, so a book that marries architecture and spas, well Spa Girl thinks this seduces the senses! The title of the book is Architectural Interiors: Spas and this is what they say…

This stylish volume showcases page after page of spa aesthetics in a delightful manner that is bound to capture the interest of spa operators, designers, architects, the design-savvy public, and spa worshippers.

A handbook of real-world interiors
A comprehensive reference resource of inspiration, fresh thinking, and new ideas
A visually stunning array of eye-catching photographs

The spas of today are fuelled by a holistic awareness that is fast becoming a given in today's fast-paced society. As more people are getting in touch with their inner well-being, spas are the top-choice destination for those after a balanced lifestyle. From inner city spas catering to busy executives to luxurious resorts dotting the fringes of exotic islands, each spa featured in Architectural Interiors: Spas was designed for the ultimate relaxation and pampering of the mind, body, and soul, with some even picking up awards along the way.
Published in 2007 (ISBN: 28889348)

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