Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spa Girls says most Spas are honest and straight forward!

CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corporation) reported this week that a number of Toronto-area spas are offering esthetic treatments that are paid for through health insurance fraud. A CBC undercover News reporter visited seven spas throughout Toronto and five offered fake receipts in order for customers to claim insurance.

I have visited spas all over the globe and have NEVER been offered an illegal deal. I trust this story won’t cloud an industry that offers such healthy benefits to so many! Bad apples can be found in any industry and I am delighted the CBC has rooted out a few of them. I also hope this story will discourage spa owners, thinking of taking on this practice, will now think again, and as faithful spa goers we say “no thanks” to these fraudulent deals!

The RMT’s I have worked with are honest hard working practitioners who are decent, ethical and believe in the healthcare profession.

Spa Girl says a true spa experience benefits both the body and the mind, how can you truly reap the pleasures if you are participating in an illegal act that ultimately hurts an industry we love.

To read the full CBC story, click on the link.

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