Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spa Girls says lets go jiggle!

Suggesting they will shake and shimmy your way to good health I recently had the opportunity to try out T-Zone Vibration Technology. Promotional material says whole body vibration will “transform your health and fitness in just 10 minutes”.

This latest fitness craze is booming, whole body vibration (WBV) machines are being installed in spas, gyms, weight loss clinics, rehabilitation centers, you name it.

So how does it work? You stand on a platform which produces vertical vibrations in a side to side rocking motion similar to walking. Our bodies react to this motion with involuntary reflex muscle action and depending on the speed you select, can react up to 23 times per second.

The company indicates it has been researched by over 30 universities worldwide (the booklet provides a number of researched articles) and suggest WBV will increase muscle strength, build bone density and fight osteoporosis, increase metabolism, burn fat and raise energy levels, tone and tighten skin, decrease cellulite and blood pressure and if that’s not enough, stimulate the “happy hormone” Serotonin.

The ten minutes program includes, if you so choose, strength exercises, stretching and flexibility positions, and massage positions which help slim, tone and increase metabolism, improve flexibility and range of motion, improve circulation and assist in relaxation.

Thinking this was all too good to be true I researched a number of web sites where participants of WBV left comments. Some said they saw no significant change while others raved about how many inches they had lost and how good it made them feel.

I have used WBV for a week now and while I cannot say I have lost any inches, or feel stronger, I have noticed I am less stiff. While I know better, I tend to sit at my computer all day long, and my muscles get really taut. WBV has helped to reduce my stiffness and taking ten minutes at the end of my day has helped to clear my head of all my days’ stresses. I also add some deep breathing work while I rock and roll. Being more relaxed, I have slept better. And I like it—which is half the battle when exercising! What WBV does not do is help your cardio, so you will still need to work that heart muscle.

Spa Girl says, let’s go jiggle!

For more information about WBV and to download the brochure, go to:

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