Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spa Girls says she couldn’t resist the silver lining!

While thousands have been stranded around the globe due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland, Spa Girl couldn’t resist the silver lining!

While airlines indeed are suffering in an already shaky economy, and travelers world-wide have had their plans disturbed, many in the UK were delighted with the peace and quiet that came with Heathrow being shut down.

Iceland urged its stranded visitors to take a free dip in its thermal pools where temperatures range from 29 to 42C.
"We have bubbling hot waters, spas, saunas and heated water pools to swim in," said Svanhildur Konradsdottir, chairwoman of the Icelandic Tourist Council.
And with unique anti-inflammatory properties, volcanic ash clay, nature's best kept secret to flawless skin, is quickly become the hit of the day.

Volcanic ash clay has been embraced throughout history for its extraordinary health and cosmetic benefits. Ancient tribes of central Africa, North American Indians, and the spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi all praised clay for a multitude of uses. Even Cleopatra made volcanic ash clay a part of her daily beauty regimen.

Volcanic ash clay has been praised for its ability to dramatically improve problem skin as it helps sooth away troubled spots, and brightens and smoothes the skins appearance. It also helps reduce the accumulation of dead skin cells and airborne impurities that can clog pores. Known for its ability to draw out trapped impurities and toxins and for its gentle nature, those who have used volcanic ash clay rave about it.

Clay Essentials states,
“When applied to the skin's surface, this soothing clay lifts, firms and exfoliates, resulting in a revitalized and more youthful looking complexion. The powerful cleansing and absorptive properties of Volcanic Ash Clay make it a highly sought after solution for blemishes, cellulite, sun damage, stretch marks, wrinkles and more”.
Clay Essentials tells the story that long ago, the earth bore one of its most precious gifts to mankind. Erupting volcanoes sent showers of powdery ash into the sky, which drifted throughout the world, settled to the ground and became drenched with the falling rain. The fusion of volcanic ash and water created a mineral-rich substance that remained there for an untold number of years until man discovered that this substance, Volcanic Ash Clay, held the key to cleansing, beautifying, and purifying the human body.

So remember Spa Girls, every cloud has a silver lining, Iceland is helping to keep us stocked up on volcanic ash clay for centuries to come!

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