Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Spa Girl loves Spa Cuisine, it doesn’t get any better!

There are many suggestions for living well, and who doesn’t want that! Since 1991, the International SPA Association has been recognized worldwide as the professional organization and voice of the spa industry, representing health and wellness providers in more than 70 countries.

On their website they have a simple formula for living well and it goes like this: get eight hours of sleep, eat and drink healthy organic fruits and veggies and water, exercise, breathe, enjoy nature and beautiful things, nurture your body with a spa visit, learn or teach someone else, volunteer, give back to your community and your Earth, avoid negativity from yourself or from others, and lastly love yourself and others around you.

Great advice!

They also have a wonderful selection of spa foods submitted by ISPA members around the globe. One of my all time favourites is from the Elmwood Spa in Toronto, Canada, http://www.elmwoodspa.com/

Fruit Pasta with Melon Noodles, Lemon Mango Puree, Watermelon Berries, Vanilla Chantilly and Mint.

30 g Honeydew, Shredded with shredding peeler
30 g Cantaloupe, Shredded with shredding peeler
15 g Watermelon, Melon balled into 5 g balls
15 g Raspberries
15 g Blackberries
25 ml Mango Puree
5 ml Lemon Juice
25 ml Cream 35%
5 ml Vanilla Vodka
2 g Mint

Cut the skin off the melons and use a shredding peeler to make noodles. Using a melon baller scoop out full balls by digging the tool into the melon, when the melon is full of holes scrape away all the pieces of melon and continue making balls. When making the mango puree, combine lemon juice and mango puree and mix well. For the vanilla Chantilly whip cream until it forms soft peaks, add vanilla vodka and mix well.

When plating place the mango puree at the bottom of the plate, place noodles in center. Top with Chantilly and mint. Place berries and melon balls around noodles.

Spa cuisine is all about simply whole fresh foods; check out the other amazing delectable delights.

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